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Faith Head

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FEATURED SONG: Old Sin, New Skin

Faith Head is an alternative hard rock/metal band whose focus is a Christian worldview.

Unlike their contemporaries Faith Head does not hide behind a selective use of pronouns to mask the biblical worldview of the lyrics nor use graphic and provocative imagery in a marketing attempt to attract listeners. Faith Head’s job is to praise the name of Jesus Christ through song and word and His job is to draw listeners to Him.

John 12:32 And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.”

Faith Head is defined by the Urban Dictionary as “someone who holds irrational religious fundamentalist beliefs and no matter what evidence is provided to the contrary will never change” or basically the 21st century version of “Jesus Freak” We claim that moniker in the name of Jesus to show to the world that belief in Jesus Christ and the Bible is very much rational and beneficial. In the words of Dr. Ravi Zacharias “God has put enough into the world to make faith in Him a most reasonable thing, and He has left enough out to make it impossible to live by sheer reason or observation alone.”

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight

With growing darkness in the world and the ever changing moral landscape, Faith Head’s position to contrary worldviews is that of love and understanding. We know from Genesis 3 that the world is already condemned and from Revelation to be sentenced on a forthcoming, unknown judgment day. Faith Head will rebuke sin but we will not stand as judge and jury for all have fallen short of perfection, except for one man alone: Jesus Christ.

John 3:17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

We hope you enjoy the inspired music God has given us to share with the world.


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Griffin Tucker

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Griffin Tucker’s disobedient rock & roll spirit is infectious. His “no excuses” rock act recalls the days when music was real and the passion for it was undeniably genuine. But he’s not repeating history, instead he’s formulated a fresh new retro rock sound that his “GrifFANS” live for.

Because Griffin won the Texas 10 under 20 Guitar contest at the Dallas International Guitar Festival, you may think he’s just another great guitar player; but, he is also equally equipped on drums, piano, bass, mandolin & ukulele. And he can sing! He has appeared on THE VOICE & also earned a GOLDEN TICKET to Hollywood on American Idol where he received high praise from Katy Perry & Lionel Richie for his level of talent & musicianship. Griffin was recently nominated for the highest designation an artist can receive from the Texas State legislature, “Texas State Artist – State Musician”.

The release of Griffin’s debut album, “Believe It”, gave the world its first taste of Griffin’s own brand of rock & roll. From the powerful ballad “Some Kind of Love Song” to his rock anthem “Believe It”, every note that is sung and sound that is heard was written & performed by Griffin. This was only the beginning of his promise to “KEEP ROCK ALIVE” & carry the torch for the bands that inspired him: The Beatles, KISS, ACDC, Queen & Led Zeppelin. Currently, Griffin is working on his sophomore album, “Era”, featuring yet another powerful arena rock song, “Lead Me.”


griffin tucker - believe in EP cover

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Bad Mary

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FEATURED SONG: Hanging Around


“Old school New York punk with a modern vibe.”

Drawing influence from the likes of Blondie and The Ramones, Green Day and Paramore, Bad Mary has created their own strain of punk that takes you back to New York in the 70’s but with a modern vibe. Following on from their critically acclaimed debut, Better Days, released in 2013, the high octane four-piece group – led by powerhouse lead singer Amanda Mac, Mike Staub (bass/vocals), Bill Mac (drums) and David Henderson (guitar) – split their latest blasts of infectious, in your face songs into two driving EPs, Killing Dinosaurs (2015) and We Could Have Saved the World (2016).

The band makes their home on Long Island, New York and have played classic venues such as Arlene’s Grocery, Bowery Electric, Trash Bar, and Highline Ballroom. Bad Mary were in the lineup of Warped Tour when it hit Jones Beach in 2015, the Liberty Music Festival in Philadelphia in 2016, and have scored airplay on U.S., U.K. and Australian radio.

Bad Mary began as a cover band in 2009 at Hofstra University, where David is a professor. Amanda and Mike were students there, and after they graduated, the band decided to continue playing music together. After a few line-up changes, they recruited Bill Mac, Amanda’s dad, on drums and began to craft their own songs in 2012. Following the success of their self-produced and basement-recorded first release, their next two EPs were recorded and mixed by Matt Storm and Francisco Botero at Studio G in Brooklyn and mastered by Fred Kevorkian, who has previously mastered for The White Stripes, Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry.


glitter bomb 2017

we could have saved the world 2016 Bad Mary - Killing Dinosaurs 2015 better days 2013

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